More on Guardian 2: End of Life

Smoothwall Guardian 2 web filter is nearing its end of life as a supported software product.
It has now been over a year since the release of Guardian 3 and the support for previous Guardian versions will come to an end in Q2 2013.

The upgrade to Guardian 3 provides many benefits. Here are a few of the new features that you can expect at no additional cost:

  • Multiple proxies and authentication methods - In environments where different kinds of device are being used, Guardian proxies can now utilise multiple authentication methods to ensure compatibility. For example, in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment, you would be able to use NTLM authentication on mobile devices alongside a method such as Kerberos for your desktops.
  • Enhanced HTTPS filtering - Guardian 3 allows you to apply specific filtering policies to HTTPS/SSL traffic rather than simply white- or blacklisting as in Guardian 2.
  • Social media filtering - New blocklist features allow you to turn Facebook into a read-only site, and support YouTube use for education.
  • Refined interface and configuration controls - The updated Guardian 3 interface is easier and quicker to manage than ever.

Click here to view a migration walk through video.

More details are in this previous blog posting.

Please contact us and request the G3 download or request more information!