Case Study: Central Bancorp, Deploy the SANGFOR WANO Solution

SANGFOR has announced its WANO (Wide Area Network Optimization Controller) has been deployed by Central Bancorp (

Central Bancorp deployed two SANGFOR WANOs in it’s headquarters and Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) in Q1, 2014 to accelerate its disaster recovery speed.

Central Bancorp is a private US based financial institution, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that operates number of branches respectively operating banking, funds, mortgages, insurance and other businesses for enterprise customers, business experts and individual users with customised integrated financial products and services, including wealth management, fund management, mortgage lending, asset valuation, property and casualty insurance. One branch bank in New Mexico is also the disaster recovery centre for Central Bancorp.

Between the disaster recovery centre in New Mexico and it’s headquarters in Colorado, Central Bancorp operates a 30Mbps bandwidth link. Constrained by bandwidth limitations,the results of backing up the data to the storage area network (SAN) of the disaster recovery centre was not ideal, especially for Dell EqualLogic data replication. Owen Stockton, IT vice president of Central Bancorp said he considered both bandwidth upgrades and WAN acceleration solutions, but the WAN optimisation devices provided by two vendors (Riverbed and Silver Peak) were not adopted because the evaluation results did not meet their expectations. Therefore, Owen decided to test SANGFOR WANO (WAN Optimisation) products.

Central Bancorp deployed one SANGFOR WANO device in Colorado and another New Mexico, both were deployed in bridge mode between the local LAN gateway and WAN router, and the one in New Mexico was configured remotely. Owen was quite satisfied with the test results: “Before the deployment of SANGFOR WANO, it took around 40 hours to transmit 80G of data sets from Colorado to New Mexico, but now it can be done within a day. Meanwhile, transmitting 7-8G of data sets from the disaster recovery centre to our headquarters also requires less than half of the previous time.”

Through data transmission acceleration using SANGFOR WANO, Central Bancorp dramatically improved the transmission capacity of the line, reducing the bandwidth and the time needed for disaster recovery projects, thus making a more rational use of the existing network resource and improving network efficiency.