SEP sesam is certified for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver

As SAP often manages all important company data, it requires a certified backup solution to provide seamless and consistent data protection.

SAP HANA, SAP Business Suite and SAP Business One

SAP HANA is one of the highest regarded in-memory platforms on the market due to its instantaneous analysis of large amounts of data, accelerated innovation and streamlined transactions.

The SAP Business Suite is the heart of businesses and organizations as it controls all company information including sales, customer relationships, finances, and other business operations.  SAP users can rely on SEP sesam Hybrid Backup to quickly and efficiently back up their infrastructure.

Since 2002, SEP sesam has been certified for a variety of operating systems and database configurations for SAP Business One and SAP Business Suite.  In addition, SEP sesam is the only backup solution for SAP HANA which is a good fit for medium sized companies. With SEP sesam you can rest assured the heart of your business is protected around the clock.

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