UCS 4.0-1 ISO released

Univention has made the first patch level release of UCS 4 so a new ISO image is available. This release aggregates more than 80 errata updates since the last major release in November 2014.

Highlights include:

  • Update of the UCS base with the integration of the Debian “Wheezy” 7.8 point update.
  • Simplification of the UCS system setup.
  • Improvements in the integrated tool “Active Directory Connection”: This tool is perfect for everyone who wants to extend an existing Windows server environment with additional Enterprise applications via the Univention App Center. For example, groupware solutions such as Zarafa or OX App Suite which are installed via the Univention App Center can thus be managed via Microsoft Active Directory including all existing user identities.
  • Simplification of UCS cloud setups: Cloud setup information from cloud service providers is now directly transmitted to UCS. Thus, cloud service providers can provide their customers with a pre-configured and ready-to start UCS-based cloud installation.

You can find further information in the Univention forum.