Mobilegeddon: What it Means for Your School

Mobilegeddon is here. In February earlier this year, Google announced that sites that aren’t mobile-friendly will find their search rank plummet from April 21st, making it extremely difficult to find your site if it isn’t readable on mobiles.

Fortunately, Webanywhere can help schools. Our website builder School Jotter allows you to design responsive websites easily, meaning that you can read the website on any device. It adapts to the screen size, making fonts bigger and buttons easier to press. Essentially, if you’re using School Jotter to build your website, your site is can easily be made Mobilegeddon proof.

If you want to know if your site is responsive there’s a really simple test: just resize your browser window. If the website starts to move and adapt to the window - good news, your site is a responsive site, and your search engine result will remain high. If not, read more here or just give contact CustomTech sales to discuss how we can assist.