UCS 4.0-3 released by Univention

The latest Univention Corporate Server release provides various security updates and bug fixes and now uses Dovecot as the default mail server and adds the facility to define LDAP filters for policies.

Thanks to the integration of the mail server “Dovecot” as UCS’ default IMAP/POP3 server, the performance of the UCS mail component has improved significantly. Dovecot also includes functions for the automatic correction of specific errors as well as for the independent optimisation of various processes which facilitate not only the administrative workload but also the security of the mail server.

LDAP filters
For easy use of LDAP-based policies, particularly in large environments, UCS now allows for LDAP filters that limit the effect of policies to objects that match the filter.

Update to Samba version 4.2.3
With the update of the UCS integrated file, print and directory service software to Samba version 4.2.3, the Active Directory compatibility has been extended. Among the updates are improvements to DRS replication and the handling of printer drivers.

Long term Linux kernel 3.16
UCS 4.0-3 is now based on the latest, stable “long term” Linux kernel 3.16, which includes various security updates plus additional drivers and updated drivers for improved hardware support.

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