The New Priority: Anti-Radicalisation

Students being radicalised by on-line material is now a sad reality. In the UK, legislation has recently come into force that specifies that schools have a duty of care to prevent pupils being radicalised. In Australia the ANZAC day terror plot involving teens in the UK and Australia communicating via social media highlights the issue.

Video - How CensorNet can help with Anti-Radicalisation

The possibility of young people leaving their often unsuspecting families to travel to support radical violence leaves some parents and educators feeling powerless. Recent allegations of radicalisation at a high school in Sydney that triggered the New South Wales Government to announce a statewide audit of prayer groups in all public schools, is one example of the depth of concern within Australian government.

More recently the shooting dead of NSW police accountant Curtis Cheng outside the police HQ in Parramatta by Farhad Jabar, a 15 year old local high school student, sadly and dramatically highlighted the immediacy and depth of the problem of youth radicalisation in Australia.

Traditional web content filtering solutions, that is the traditional SWG (Secure Web Gateway), struggle to provide the tools necessary to deal with this new threat. Focusing on just the best known social media sites is not enough, vigilance must extend to as yet unknown sites and apps. CensorNet has risen to this challenge by adding powerful Cloud Application Control (CAC) to its web filter products and services. CensorNet’s Cloud Application Control (CAC) allows you to:

See who’s accessing what
Monitor student activity on social media and cloud apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, etc.

Track specific content
Search for inappropriate phrases related to terrorism, radicalisation and cyber bullying.

Track activity on any device
Including BYOD.

See for a video demonstration of how CensorNet’s Cloud Application Control (CAC) works.

Update: Wondering how Facebook and other social media is used to radicalise teens? Please see the new blog article: Australian research finds Facebook used to radicalise teens.

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