Backups: are you stressed or relaxed?

Schools now run on technology. For some this is unwelcome and disturbing, for others it’s inevitable and an enabling force. But all agree that technology has become central to the learning process, largely replacing pen and paper for students, teachers and administrators.  So are you able to relax knowing that your school’s crucial data is safe?

Schools are one of the most challenging of IT environments. Most, by necessity are multi platform with a mix of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and IOS, Android and even Chromebooks on the user side. On the server side there is often a mix of Windows Server, Linux, Novell with virtualisation provided by VMware and Hyper-V and databases ranging from MS SQL to open source systems based mySQL and PostgresSQL.

Your users are even more diverse. Everything from Kindergarten children making their first proud efforts in a class environment, to Year 12 students preparing their major works, to the Principal preparing an important speech or a bid for funding.

Lesson plans, marks, teaching resources, rough notes, final works, pictures and even accounting data.  In many cases months of work for individuals and groups. All precious to their creators, as permanent loss could jeopardise results and certainly morale.

Naturally the threats to data are as diverse as the environment, hard disk failure, computer failure, viruses and ransomware (e.g. CryptoLocker), vandalism, fire, flood and just plain human error.

If you are 100% confident in your existing backup solution please relax! But if you are concerned that you don’t have everything covered, we’d like to suggest the SEP sesam solution. SEP sesam handles almost every conceivable platform and gives you a single point to administer your backups so you can relax. Special pricing is available to schools so it is affordable.

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