Australian research finds Facebook used to radicalise teens

Dr Robyn Torok is an expert in on-line radicalisation at Edith Cowan University in Perth. Recently she presented a research paper showing how social media such as Facebook is being used to radicalise teens.

Her findings have been widely reported in mainstream media:

Islamic State recruiters create complex network of Facebook accounts to entice Australian teens

Islamic State urges Australian supporters to carry out attacks
ABC Radio National AM interview with Dr Robyn Torok (20 November 2015) [Audio & transcript]

Sadly there is no simple solution to these problems. However, web filtering has a part to play. In the UK, legislation come into force during 2015 that specifies that schools have a duty of care to prevent pupils being radicalised. As a result CensorNet has added powerful Cloud Application Control (CAC) to its web filter products and services to enhance the monitoring of student activity on social media and cloud apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, etc.

See our previous blog post for a video demonstration of how CensorNet’s Cloud Application Control (CAC) works in the education context.

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