CensorNet's Unified Security Service (USS) update to v1.14

This is a small update to primarily upgrade the SSL Interception capability of USS Gateway, which should provide more flexible deployment options, particularly in BYOD environments.

Improvements have been made in the following areas:

  • Web-Categories - Bypass Categories can now be applied to either explicit proxy connections, Captive Portal connections, or both. This allows you to maintain conditional bypass rules based on how the user is connected to the proxy.
  • USS Gateway - SSL Intercept mode now has additional flexibility - it can be enabled for proxy connections, Captive Portal connections, enabled for both or disabled. Domain level visibility and filtering is available even if interception is disabled.
  • USS Gateway - Web access via the Captive Portal is now logged and filtered at the domain level even if SSL Intercept has been disabled via a Bypass Type, which means customers can disable SSL Interception for certain devices, networks or destination domains and still maintain a level of visibility and control.
  • USS Gateway - A new Bypass Type has been added - “Bypass authentication for destination domain”. This is particularly useful for Java applet based web applications that are not compatible with proxy server authentication, or to anonymise access to sensitive web based sites/applications.
  • USS Gateway - It is now possible to configure the proxy to use the X-Forwarded-For header which may be useful for some remote web servers/applications. The supported options are “delete” (default), “on”, “off”, “truncate” and “transparent”. See the Online Help for a full explanation.

Read more detail about the changes in USS v1.14 here.

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