Kopano offers Mattermost the open alternative to Slack

Kopano is extending its portfolio with the leading Open Source messaging platform Mattermost. Mattermost introduces a new mode of communication for business, and is the Open Source alternative for Slack!

Mattermost organizes team conversations into channels. You can make an open or private channel for a project, a topic, a team or anything else you need, even with external users. The entire conversation is kept in one coherent thread where you can also search the past, tag people, share files or send a quick direct message. An exciting benefit behind Mattermost is ‘ChatOps’ which helps teams in a chatroom to get notified by other applications.  For example a sales or financial system posting newly invoiced revenue reports directly to the commercial team.

To provide this new feature Kopano has partnered with Mattermost. Kopano now allows users to manage email, partake in discussion channels via Mattermost, collaborate on tasks and appointments and to transfer knowledge across all kinds of media.

Mattermost is currently integrated into Kopano’s DeskApp as an add-on. This allows any Kopano user to access the Mattermost functionality from within DeskApp! Mattermost is available as a free or enterprise edition and Kopano customers can choose which edition they want to integrate.

Very soon, Kopano will integrate Mattermost closely into all its products. It will become possible to share emails, calendar items, tasks and contacts with Mattermost channels of your choice with just one click. Kopano will also integrate with the Mattermost ChatOps system, that can for example automatically add tasks to your personal todo list.

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