Sangfor Success at Bank of China Singapore

Established in 1936, Bank of China Singapore Branch holds a Qualifying Full Bank License (QFB) in Singapore. It has a network of 22 financial touch points. With over 80 years of presence in Singapore, leveraging on the Group’s extended global network and team of experienced professionals, the branch provides a full range of financial services to its customers from China and Singapore as well as the surrounding regions.

Over the years, it has demonstrated its long term commitment to promote bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Singapore. The Branch is the first bank in Singapore to provide RMB services, and is committed to providing its customers with a wide range of RMB services, including RMB Deposit, RMB Loans, RMB Remittance, RMB Cash Exchange, RMB Clearing, RMB Trade Settlement and Finance, RMB bond underwriting and distribution, RMB Wealth Management Products and RQFII investment services.

The bank previously had 6 physical servers running Maxxmedia and file servers in the data center. They also have requirements for DHCP, PRTG and Wiki, however, the existing servers were too old to handle all the new workloads together with the existing applications. All of the servers were running in physical mode without shared storage, which means there were single points of failure everywhere and there was no effective failover and backup solution implemented to secure business continuity and reliability. Furthermore, with only one engineer to manage everything in the data center, it was simply too complex and laborious for him to do daily O&M.

The Sangfor Solution
Sangfor HCI helped the bank address all the pain points effectively with two aServer2000 systems combining the power of aSV and aSAN. Existing Maxxmedia and file servers were easily migrated to the Sangfor HCI platform with an easy-to-use P2V migration tool. The customer learned to use the migration tool and successfully migrated all the existing applications to Sangfor HCI within half a day. New applications like DHCP and Wiki can be launched on the HCI platform with a few clicks on the web-based console and they can run smoothly without any performance concern thanks to the aServer appliance being powered by the latest Intel CPU chips and SSD caching and tier-ing. The existing servers storage capacity can be leveraged as a backup location for HCI, and native HA is built in to ensure business continuity. Now O&M has also been simplified with the intuitive web-based Sangfor HCI  management platform so the engineer is liberated from painstaking IT O&M and has more time to think about driving business innovation.


  • O&M simplified dramatically with intuitive web-based management console
  • Much quicker new business launch
  • Business continuity and reliability guaranteed by native HA and backup
  • Short learning curve, ease of use 

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