SEP sesam Tigon V2 adds Kopano support

SEP AG has released an update; Tigon V2 ( Featuring a number of enhancements including support for the Kopano messaging platform.

SEP sesam 4.4.3 Tigon V2 introduces new Kopano backup (previously Zarafa backup) and Self-Service Restore Assistant.

Tigon V2 also provides enhanced backup and restore capabilities for DB2 with DB2 automatic archive log backup, simplified backup and restore for SAP ASE, restoring MS SQL database to a new location using the GUI, and a new SEP sesam BSR Pro 2.0 option to support backup and restore of encrypted volumes.

SEP sesam is a “hybrid backup” solution and the version code name Tigon, a Tiger/Lion hybrid animal, is a neat play on words!

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