Entrust Datacard Makes Strategic Investment in CensorNet

UK based CensorNet has sold its MFA business (Copenhagen-based SMS Passcode), to US headquartered Entrust Datacard, who offer trusted identity and secure transaction technologies across the world. In addition to acquiring CensorNet’s MFA business, Entrust Datacard have made a strategic investment in CensorNet. This long term partnership will ensure both sides capitalise on the clear synergy that exists between product sets, particularly around CASB and user behavior/activity analytics.

The sale represents CensorNet’s focus on accelerating their outstanding research and development program. CensorNet plan to reinvest the proceeds to deliver the next phase of the USS platform, which will further increase its market differentiation and value to customers.

The adaptive MFA technology – CensorNet Cloud MFA - will continue to form part the USS platform and remain fully supported by CensorNet. No other CensorNet USS solutions are affected.

If you would like to find out more, please read the full press announcement.

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