Univention confirms support as RedHat and SUSE drop OpenLDAP

In August, OpenLDAP celebrated its 20th birthday while RedHat and SUSE announced the discontinuation of this open solution. But in contrast Univention have announced that they will continue to support and use OpenLDAP.

Univention see OpenLDAP as an important alternative to closed solutions for implementing efficient user management in IT environments - even in large projects with millions of users. In the largest UCS deployment run by the French telecommunications provider Orange, OpenLDAP services up to 30 million authentication accounts and has proven its utmost scalability and stability.

Univention’s OpenLDAP and Samba specialist Arvid Requate has published a guest article at OSTechNix. He reviews the history of OpenLDAP and explains why Univention will continue to support and use OpenLDAP. Please read more at OSTechNix.

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