Differential backup by SEP sesam reduces backup volume and time expenditure for Kopano users

For quite some time it has been possible to make an online differential backups of Kopano. It is therefore sufficient to make a full backup at longer intervals (e.g. weekly). In between (e.g. every night) differential backups are sufficient, which occupy less space and are much faster.

Therefore we are happy that with SEP sesam we now have backup software that supports Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and Kopano inclusively, including the differential backup for Kopano.

SEP sesam offers the following features:

  • Hot Backup
  • Full and differential backup
  • Deduplication, Migration, Replication
  • Restore granularity: entire server, database, individual objects, individual e-mails
  • Restore to the mailbox of other users, to other folders or to other Kopano servers
  • Encryption
  • Disaster Recovery for Linux Systems
  • 24×7 manufacturer support
  • and much more

Brian Joseph, CEO of Kopano BV, also appreciates the extended Kopano support through SEP: “With Univention and SEP we have an easy-to-use platform and a reliable backup partner for our products. This gives our customers a high-quality basis for their Kopano services such as e-mail, calendars, documents, video meetings – to name but a few. The open source nature of our solutions and their proven use in the enterprise environment guarantee the digital sovereignty that organizations need in their modern infrastructure. We are very proud of the interaction of our three European companies”.

SEP sesam is a high quality product Made in Germany. It secures a large number of virtual environments, operating systems, applications and databases. Due to this and the consistent implementation of the requirements by the EU-GDPR SEP sesam is excellently suited for the European market and customers worldwide that value privacy and security. With the differential backup for Kopano on UCS SEP now also meets the requirements of Kopano customers who are not willing to make a full backup every time.

For more information on deploying SEP sesam backup for Kopano please see our web site and contact CustomTech (email info@customtech.com.au or call) to arrange a FREE evaluation and discuss your needs.

(This article is based on the original article by Holger Gottwald on the Univention site).