IT Concepts for the School District of Harz

The district of Harz as a school authority recognized early, that a school has different needs to the public administration. Therefore the school IT is separated from the IT structure of the administrative district. Their structures enable them to remain flexible and to respond to the individual needs of the schools. A special school needs other applications and end devices than a grammar school. Nevertheless, both systems must be manageable and functional.

No security updates will be released for Windows 7 from January 2020. Microsoft is shutting down its support and the system is no longer allowed to be used in educational institutions. The license costs alone, including the costs for special educational licenses to switch to Windows 10, are hardly manageable. To do this, most end devices must be replaced in order to meet the requirements for a Windows 10 system. Sustainability doesn’t look that way. If these devices continue to work and meet all the requirements for modern education with a free and secure operating system, why not take this opportunity? Pupils can already work with a variety of devices and systems today, whether it’s Android or Apple Tablet or a notebook, whatever the operating system. A normal user can’t tell the difference between operating systems. This is also not important to him, the device should simply work.

Read how Martina Müller IT Coordinator, District Harz developed their open educational IT concept here.

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(This article is based on the original article by Martina Müller on the Univention site).