SEP at the top of techconsult's PUR-S 2021 Awards

SEP wins the ‘Leader’ position in the Professional User Ratings-Security Solutions (PUR-S) ‘Diamond’ - for Backup and Recovery 2021 by techconsult. Functional scope, innovation, manufacturer loyalty, as well as outstanding service and support were just some of the decisive criteria.

This is the first time SEP AG has achieved the position of ‘Leader’ in the ‘Professional User Ratings-Security Solutions (PUR-S) 2021’ from the analyst firm techconsult. This surpassed previous results and is now at the top of the results diamond. This is the fourth year in a row that SEP has been awarded in the solution area “Backup and Recovery”. This means that SEP has once again received a top award, which was determined by user feedback.

A total of more than 2,000 user companies were surveyed, evaluating more than 50 criteria in 14 subcategories. The study is based on end-user surveys using a representative panel in companies of all sizes and industries.

You can read more about PUR-S here and a summary of the SEP results here.

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